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The South Hampshire Area meet on the 2nd Wednesday of the month:


8.00pm Salon bar at the Golden Lion PO17 6EB in the village of Southwick (Pronounced Suthwyk)


(Unless ordered otherwise by General Mayhem)  


We really are a friendly bunch and welcome guests.





Military Vehicle Trust




The South Hampshire Military Vehicle Trust now have our very own FaceBook page, why not search us out and follow us @Southhantsmvt





The event will start at Southwick House on 25th June 2022 near Fareham in Hampshire and run to Milestones Museum in Basingstoke, a distance of about 37 miles.  The object of the event is to raise funds for the Royal British Legion Riders’ Branch.


In order to avoid too much difficulty with traffic regulations the convoy may have to be restricted to 60 vehicles, which should be of Second World War vintage and of all allied nations.


Entry forms with full details will be sent nearer the time.



The South Hampshire Military Vehicle Trust give notice of our AGM being held on 10th November 2021 8.00pm Salon bar Golden Lion Southwick.


Any Member wishing to stand for election must notify the Area Secretary ASAP



The South Hampshire Area meet on the 2nd Wednesday of the month:


8.00pm Salon bar at the Golden Lion PO17 6EB in the village of Southwick (Pronounced Suthwyk) we really are a friendly bunch and welcome guests.



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Area Report October 2019




Sitting here in August staring at the rain reminds me we’ve had mixed blessings weather wise this summer!

2019 is of course the 75th anniversary of many momentous events, from decisive battles in the European theatre to joyous liberation of towns and cities as Hitler’s armies were pushed back into Germany, and final capitulation. However, it wasn’t just on the near continent, we mustn’t forget our forces continued to battle in the Far East war of attrition against the increasingly desperate Japanese, fighting a vicious and suicidal regard action as they too were forced towards the inevitable. Next year will be VE day on 8th May and VJ day 15th August (2nd Sept in the USA).


The service personnel whose lives were taken forever deserve our grateful thanks and should be remembered in perpetuity, and their actions commemorated.  It infuriates me then, when cities such as my own, Southampton, failed to officially commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day, despite the area playing such a major role in the build -up, and being home to aircraft and shipbuilding companies vital to the war effort.  They did however manage to put together an Armed Forces Day parade, attended by SHMVT members and vehicles, but it could have been so much better if organised by people who were actually interested.  In my view the ambivalence of local authorities in recognising the sacrifices made in all wars is a disgrace.

The Eisenhower Convoy from Southwick to Greenham Common was an unqualified success! On June 22, 2019, a convoy set off from Southwick, Hampshire, as part of a commemorative Drive marking the 75th anniversary of D-Day. The convoy's route followed the journey taken by Dwight D Eisenhower 75 years earlier, when the US Supreme Allied Commander in Europe travelled from SHAEF headquarters at Southwick House (now MOD Southwick) to Greenham Common Airfield, near Newbury, Berkshire, where he addressed US soldiers of the 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment on the eve of D-Day.


Those members that participated thoroughly enjoyed the 100 mile or so round trip, and were overwhelmed by the public response as the convoy passed through many Hampshire and Berkshire villages en route.




Eisenhower marshalling area at Southwick
Armed Forces Day Southampton
Eisenhower marshalling area at Southwick (2)

Eisenhower's convoy Marshalling  

Southampton Armed Forces Parade

Eisenhower's convoy -SOUTHWICK