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The South Hampshire Area meet on the 2nd Wednesday of the month:


8.00pm Salon bar at the Golden Lion PO17 6EB in the village of Southwick (Pronounced Suthwyk)


(Unless ordered otherwise by General Mayhem)  


We really are a friendly bunch and welcome guests.





Military Vehicle Trust




The South Hampshire Military Vehicle Trust now have our very own FaceBook page, why not search us out and follow us @Southhantsmvt





The event will start at Southwick House on 25th June 2022 near Fareham in Hampshire and run to Milestones Museum in Basingstoke, a distance of about 37 miles.  The object of the event is to raise funds for the Royal British Legion Riders’ Branch.


In order to avoid too much difficulty with traffic regulations the convoy may have to be restricted to 60 vehicles, which should be of Second World War vintage and of all allied nations.


Entry forms with full details will be sent nearer the time.



The South Hampshire Military Vehicle Trust give notice of our AGM being held on 10th November 2021 8.00pm Salon bar Golden Lion Southwick.


Any Member wishing to stand for election must notify the Area Secretary ASAP



The South Hampshire Area meet on the 2nd Wednesday of the month:


8.00pm Salon bar at the Golden Lion PO17 6EB in the village of Southwick (Pronounced Suthwyk) we really are a friendly bunch and welcome guests.

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New Forest at War


The New Forest and surrounding areas played a huge role during the Second World War (1939-45), and the wartime history is very important to locals of the New Forest, not to mention friends and relatives of those who fought during that time and of course the surviving soldiers, seamen and aircrew of the area themselves.

Today, some reminders of the dark days of war are still very much visible in certain areas of the New Forest National Park - from the disused wartime airfields of Beaulieu, Stoney Cross and Holmsley, to the coastal defenses of Hurst Castle and the Lepe Beach area.

The wartime history of the New Forest is a big topic; this page outlines just a handful of examples of areas that played important parts during WWII.


At the height of activity there were no less than 12 airfields and ALGs (Advanced Landing Grounds) in and immediately around the New Forest. Sites included Beaulieu Heath, Stoney Cross, Ibsley, Holmsley and Lymington, as well as Hurn to the west, now Bournemouth International Airport.

Whereas many sites are now invisible to the human eye, some are still clearly visible, especially from the air. The thin top soils of the New Forest mean that runways, service roads and building foundations of some wartime airfields have never been reclaimed by nature, and although the Forestry Commission has removed many tarmac and concrete hardstandings, service roads and foundations etc. from places such as Stoney Cross, outlines and evidence of major wartime activity still remains.



BEAULIEU Airfield was built in 1942,opening in August with 19 Group, RAF Coastal Command and was used mainly as a base for anti-submarine patrol work. In February 1944 the airfield transferred to 2 TAF(2nd Tactical Air Force) for preparation for D-Day.Another change in command in March 1944 saw the arrival of the 9th Air Force/USAAF who stayed until the end of August. Following the departure of the USAAF, in December 1944 the Airborne Forces Experimental Establishment (AFEE) arrived.


RAF Liberator at Beaulieu

US Airforce pilot 'Freddy' Fredendall

BEAULIEU 'A' Airfield

Involved in experimental work with glider towing,parachute drops etc,the AFEE used the old East Boldre Airfield site which was literally right next door, on the far side of the Lymington-Beaulieu road, as a drop zone.

In September 1949 the AFEE staged a Battle of Britain display, over 30,000 people attended the display.



And the winner is..Chocs away old chap!

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