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South Hampshire


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The South Hampshire Area meet on the 2nd Wednesday of the month:


8.00pm Salon bar at the Golden Lion PO17 6EB in the village of Southwick (Pronounced Suthwyk)


(Unless ordered otherwise by General Mayhem)  


We really are a friendly bunch and welcome guests.





Military Vehicle Trust



5th Weds Creully Camp opens. Vehicles and re-enactors. Until 10th June

5th Daks over Normandy. Main Dakota and C47 fly out from Duxford.

Latest information seems to confirm 40 plus planes, to be based at Caen.(Carpiquet airfield). At Caen until 9th June

At some stage Round Canopy planes arrive from Ottery St Mary, Devon.

To be based at Cherbourg Airfield. 3-6 Daks expected, plus jumpers.

6thThursday D Day commemorations at many locations

6th Airborne School ‘Neptune 2019’ Parachute event based at Carpiquet

Parachute drop at 08.00 hours DZ LE HOLDY

6th ‘Gliderbourne’ 75th Anniversary Location TBC

6th Camp Arizona opens at Carentan. Until 10th June.

7th Friday Bourse Militairia. The Cattle Market, Carentan. 08.00 until 16.00

Stalls almost fully booked. Over the road from camp Arizona.

7th Round Canopy drops at Ranville and Pegasus Bridge. Times and flight

routes from Cherbourg (Maupertus airfield) to be confirmed.

8th Saturday Airborne School Drops 08.00 DZ to be confirmed

8th Saturday Parade. Isigny-sur-Mere. 20.00 til 21.30

10 tanks, 350 vehicles and armour already entered.

Longer parade route than Ste Mere Eglise, and a large town square

display usually after parade.

9th Sunday Parachutage at La Fiere. Round Canopy lead, assume 12.00 TBC

Nato contingent from Ramstein Germany TBC

10th Monday Hilaire Petitville. Commemorations 10.00 til 12.00






The South Hampshire Military Vehicle Trust now have our very own FaceBook page, why not search us out and follow us @Southhantsmvt





The event will start at Southwick House on 25th June 2022 near Fareham in Hampshire and run to Milestones Museum in Basingstoke, a distance of about 37 miles.  The object of the event is to raise funds for the Royal British Legion Riders’ Branch.


In order to avoid too much difficulty with traffic regulations the convoy may have to be restricted to 60 vehicles, which should be of Second World War vintage and of all allied nations.


Anyone interested in taking part should contact Vice President Michael Burne on [email protected] .  Entry forms with full details will be sent nearer the time.



LEE VICTORY PARADE 25th-26th Sept 2021


Further details can be found on:




The Rotary Club of Gosport 68th Vehicle Rally Bank Holiday 30th August 2021 entry fee £4.00 to good local causes, entry form available from Paul Edwards



The revised date for this year's show is August 13-15th vehicle entrants can register at www.overlordshow.co.uk/exhibitors guaranteed to be an explosive show!



Seeks British WW2 vehicles 17th-19th Sept 21.

This year's Revival will recreate the famous 1946 London Victory Parade as a major part of the weedend events. APPLICATIONS CLOSED

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We'll Meet Again

The South Hampshire Area meet on the 2nd Wednesday of the month:


8.00pm Salon bar at the Golden Lion PO17 6EB in the village of Southwick (Pronounced Suthwyk)

(Unless ordered otherwise by General Mayhem)  

We really are a friendly bunch and welcome guests.




MVT Windscreen




Area Report October 2020



FINALLY!  We’ve had an area meeting, or rather an outside gathering, mindful of the various directives and recommendations.  And what a gathering in glorious evening sunshine on Portsdown Hill, with spectacular views over Portsmouth!  As everyone’s been champing at the bit to get out, we were joined by friends from SOE and had a plethora of fifteen jeeps in various markings, and several bigger toys: International M3L-4, Chevrolet 1 ½ ton G7107 closed cab, GMC CCKW open cab, Morris CDSW light recovery, Bedford OXC and a Dodge ½ ton truck.  Together with a 110 Land Rover, a diminutive Hillman 10 saloon staff car, and a lonely German BMW R75 motorcycle & sidecar, they all made a welcome and spectacular eclectic mix!  We left in an impressive convoy for a welcome beer in Southwick on the way home!



















There would have been more, as from my side of the tracks we had planned to take four jeeps, but Duncan’s sprouted an irritating oil leak (you know the one, where the little brass adaptor union goes into the oil filter, leaks, then oil gets sprayed all over the distributor), Richard’s wiring melted, and Bob’s carburettor was giving grief.  So, we all piled into mine, which promptly experienced a vapour lock after 100 yds!  At this point we were thinking synchronised swimming would be a better hobby.  Anyway, got going after the mandatory 10-minute cooling period and drove happily to the venue in windscreen down mode – just like the male models’ road trip in Zoolander - terrific!

I’m of course in smug mode, having successfully replaced all the valves and guides in Duncan’s jeep, but would it run? – would it hell! It wasn’t until I’d wasted hours, flattened the battery, used profane language, drained a can of easy start and even more cans of beer, and consulted experts online, that I discovered someone had swapped the HT leads around.  It turned out to be gremlins, the same little blighters that have hidden my reading glasses in the garage somewhere!


South Hants banner

Guess what?---We found the banner!

Eclectic mix, International M3L-4, BMW R75, Austin 8

Eclectic mix of vehicles!

Steve's GMC CCKW

Steve Edwards' GMC - Kerb crawling!