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Next Meeting

The South Hampshire Area meet on the 2nd Wednesday of the month:


8.00pm Salon bar at the Golden Lion PO17 6EB in the village of Southwick (Pronounced Suthwyk)


(Unless ordered otherwise by General Mayhem)  


We really are a friendly bunch and welcome guests.





Military Vehicle Trust




The South Hampshire Military Vehicle Trust now have our very own FaceBook page, why not search us out and follow us @Southhantsmvt





The event will start at Southwick House on 25th June 2022 near Fareham in Hampshire and run to Milestones Museum in Basingstoke, a distance of about 37 miles.  The object of the event is to raise funds for the Royal British Legion Riders’ Branch.


In order to avoid too much difficulty with traffic regulations the convoy may have to be restricted to 60 vehicles, which should be of Second World War vintage and of all allied nations.


Entry forms with full details will be sent nearer the time.



The South Hampshire Military Vehicle Trust give notice of our AGM being held on 10th November 2021 8.00pm Salon bar Golden Lion Southwick.


Any Member wishing to stand for election must notify the Area Secretary ASAP



The South Hampshire Area meet on the 2nd Wednesday of the month:


8.00pm Salon bar at the Golden Lion PO17 6EB in the village of Southwick (Pronounced Suthwyk) we really are a friendly bunch and welcome guests.


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Area Report August 2020 Continued





Members have not been idle during the ‘lockdown’:

Richard Salter got his ‘new’ Dodge WC21 ½ ton truck back, fresh from a two-year restoration at Barry Ring’s Whitedell Engineering.  I watched the build progress alongside us as we were restoring Duncan’s jeep in 2018 – now I’ve seen the finished article in the flesh and it is stunning, I’m led to believe it is quite a rare beast too.  

John Dyke and his dad Ian have spent most of lock down tidying up their Land Rover 101, their first military vehicle originally bought for off roading over 15 years ago. Started out needing an engine rebuild and coat of paint, ended up as another ground up restoration (we’ve all been there!)  Its nearly finished and looking great.






















Bob Cross has completed the repaint of his 1939 Austin Ten.  Styled as a signals radio car in 8th Army livery from the North African campaign, it too looks brilliant.

William and Ben Penny’s trucks are stuck in the barn cos they’re not yet allowed access to the farm where they are stored!  Annoying or what? All those jobs they could have been getting on with














Trevor Pearce paid his respects at the COPP memorial (Combined Operations Pilotage Parties) close to his Hayling Island home on VE day.  During World War II, specialist teams were based at the Hayling Island Sailing Club on the south coast of England, where they trained in preparation for covert reconnaissance missions of beaches chosen for possible invasions around the world. The Normandy D-Day landings owed its success in part to the COPP teams that provided information to the Allies, including measurements and core samples of the beach sands.

As a family were took our two jeeps out to commemorate D-Day at a local monument, the American Wall, as did other friends in twos and threes at various D-Day embarkation points around the area, of which there are many.  Read about the fascinating American Wall here:


Southampton even has a section of Mulberry Harbour, neglected and deteriorating by the old Royal Pier.  To think that from Normandy until the end of the war 3.5 million American (2 million), Canadian and British service personnel passed through Southampton Docks, and this is sadly overlooked and forgotten. The street demonstrations being held today, as I write, in flagrant breach of government restrictions, could not happen had it not been for the sacrifices of those 3.5 million.  Disgraceful.


Chris Harris


Trevor at the Combined Operations Pilotage Parties
Tom Coffey at home

Trevor at the COPP Memorial

Tom Coffey - Bottled it!